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Anyone that knows anything about World War II knows that the Attack on Pearl Harbor changed naval and world history. For decades, our knowledge was limited by the information that had been released to the public. Today, over seventy years later, thousands of previously classified documents are being released through the Freedom of Information Act. The documents paint a very different picture of the events that transpired on the “date which will live in infamy”. As a registered researcher at the National Archives, my access to original documents and previously secret wartime photos has met with great success. 

As an Aviation and Military Historian, I have had a particular fascination with Pearl Harbor for many years. This website is the result of that journey, the stories that I have uncovered, and the new facts, conclusions, and opinions that I have reached.

Besides the events at Pearl Harbor, my speaking engagements have branched out to other areas of historical interest. The topics are listed on the Presentations Page and Scheduled Events Page.

My greatest adventure is just beginning with an upcoming officially US Navy approved diving expedition in Pearl Harbor. On January 11th, 2018, a contractual agreement with a successful Production Company was signed for a documentary. Due to Covid and priorities on other projects, as of January 2024, the Pearl Harbor expedition/project is under review at a major cable Network.

Advance Services Productions met with representatives of the U. S. Navy at Pearl Harbor in October, 2022 and were granted full cooperation regarding our approved upcoming expedition. In January of 2024, ASP has been assigned a Navy Project Officer out of NAVINFOWEST.

After securing a Network contract, a Western Pacific expedition and production in search of Amelia Earhart began, September 2021, and will air a guaranteed two-hour documentary. The month-long expedition was a success. Postproduction has been completed and an air date for the documentary is currently scheduled for summer 2024.

A second expedition was successfully completed in August 2022 and planning is underway for a third 2025 expedition.

It has become an important goal of mine to ensure that the history of these important events is shared with future generations. It is my greatest hope that each person that visits this site or attends one of my professional speaking engagements, will identify with a particular story or event and choose to share it with others.

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