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Presentation Topics

Michael tailors the content of each presentation to the specific nature of the event, organization and audience. All of Michael’s presentations are accompanied by a unique variety of slides, with recently released images, many of which the audiences have not seen previously.

The following is a partial list of available topics:

Pearl Harbor – Conspiracy!

  • A look at the conspiracy theories that FDR allowed the attack.
  • Historical events and facts behind the theory.

Pearl Harbor – A Moment in Time

  • The events leading up to the Raid on Pearl Harbor.
  • Personal accounts of significant participants.

Pearl Harbor – Spies and Traitors

  • The Japanese Spy Network prior to Pearl Harbor.
  • The involvement of Nazi Spies.
  • The acts of American and British traitors regarding Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor – Submarines and Symbols

  • The Japanese mission
  • The aftermath of the submarine actions at Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor – The Ships of the Fleets – Japan and America

  • The USN ships at Pearl Harbor.
  • The Japanese Kido Butai Strike Force.

Pearl Harbor – The Raid on December 7th, 1941

  • The historical facts leading up to the Raid.
  • The actual Raid.
  • The Aftermath.

Pearl Harbor – Attack on Battleship Row by Aircraft and Submarines

  • The events leading up to the Attack on Battleship Row.
  • The actual Attack by aircraft and submarine.
  • The Aftermath.

Pearl Harbor – The Aircraft at the time Of the Attack – Part 1

  • The American Aircraft in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • The American Aircraft on the US Naval ships of the Pacific Fleet.

Pearl Harbor – The Aircraft at the time of the Attack – Part 2

  • The Japanese Aircraft of the Kido Butai Attack Force.

Pearl Harbor – Leadership and Communication

  • The Japanese and American political and command structure.
  • The role communication played in the success and failure of the missions.

Pearl Harbor – The Heroic Men at Pearl Harbor

  • A look at the personal accounts of true heroism on December 7th.
  • Many never seen before photos of that Day of Infamy.

Pearl Harbor – The U.S. Marine  Detachment

  • Marines aboard the U.S.S. ARIZONA.
  • 83 heroic men who fought and died that Day of Infamy.

Pearl Harbor – The Sinking of the U.S.S. ARIZONA

  • U.S.S. ARIZONA destroyed in the first few minutes.
  • 1177 men died that Day of Infamy.

Pearl Harbor – The Sinking of the U.S.S. OKLAHOMA

  • 429 men trapped and died when she capsized.
  • Hit by more torpedoes than any other ship that day.

After PT-109 – JFK and PT-59

  • PT-109 is sunk. JFK stays to continue fighting.  
  • JFK commands in combat for 3 more months on PT-59. 

The first American PT Boat – C.S.S. DAVID – 1863

  • Confederate States of America – 1st combat PT Boat.
  • The successful attack at Charleston, SC.

Midway – America’s Turning Point

  • The WW2 story behind the epic battle.
  • A look at the key figures that led America to victory.



Medal of Honor Recipients of World War II and America’s Astronauts

  • Individual accounts of the men who risked and gave their lives for their fellow brothers in arms, for freedom, and for their country at war and at peace.
  • Astronaut profiles of America’s finest.

Guadalcanal – “The Cactus Air Force”

  • Detailed account of the heroic effort of Army, Navy, and US. Marine pilots in the early days of World War II.

P.T. Boats of World War II

  • The development of one of the smallest warships of the war.
  • The exploits of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and others.

Submarines in the Pacific War

  • Detailed accounts of the men and their submarines.
  • The failure of the Japanese command structure.
  • The success of the U.S. Fleet subs.

Exotic Aircraft of World War II

  • The winners and losers with some wild and crazy designs.
  • A look at the rocket and jet planes for both Allied and Axis countries.
  • Why America was so successful in aviation.

Hollywood Goes to War

  • A detailed look at some of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars.
  • Movie star contributions during the war.

Finding Amelia – The Search for Amelia Earhart

  • A look at the historic background and current information on a true legend. Still today, America’s Greatest Mystery.
  • Presentation on the theories and evidence plus a look at the 2021 and 2022 expeditions to locate A.E.


  • If it flies, a detailed presentation on flying machines throughout history.
  • Extensive PowerPoint photos and statistics.
  • A look at the men and women that designed, built, and flew.

JFK and the U.S. Secret Service

  • The USSS detail on the day of the assassination.
  • The “lost” evidence and what may have happened.

Women Airforce Service Pilots – WASPS

  • 1038 women pilots served in the U.S. Armed Forces during WW2.
  •  A look at the history of the WASPS and some of the 38 women pilots who lost their lives.

The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot

  • The battle that ended the Imperial Japanese Navy’s ability to wage offensive actions.
  • Personal stories of the USN Aces that effectively destroyed IJN Airpower in the Pacific.


  • First submarine of the U.S. Navy.
  • Many firsts in submarine warfare.
  • Lost in a storm off Cape Hatteras in 1863.



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